EDUVIRTUCATION PRIVATE LIMITED : Eduvirtucation  helps individuals with its cutting-edge AI-based technology to build their career by supporting them at every step in life.

MrStudyBuddy :- To solve the problems and guide the students with career options we are helping the youth (students and freshers) as well as parents to support their children in opting the right career.

UnDoubtly :- On-Demand Doubt CLearing Platform. Started working on the first version of the product.

ReoLearn :- Innovative and interactive platform that gives youngsters an opportunity to learn Indian and International languages, which helps in rooting the cultural steps through various fun and live sessions. ReoLearn rekindles the enthusiasm for learning languages by its unique style of teaching.

Meet the Team

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Krishna Khandelwal

Founder & CEO

Hari Arora

Chief Mentor

Bastav Dash


Chandra Mouli